Them Changes

Last I posted, I expressed amazement at the number of things one has to do after “Completing” a manuscript.

Little did I know.

Originally, my troubadour was named Clement, after my friend, professional storyteller Clem Bowen, and Corwin was named Aram, after Clem’s middle son. Um, Clement’s an English name. Oops. Fortunately, Alison Weir’s biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine mentions that there is one historical reference to her having a son named “Philippe.” Perfect! Fits right in with the French royal tradition of Louis, Philippe, Louis, Philippe, Louis, Louis, Louis, Philippe. Not to mention Louis Philippe, but I digress.

And since Aram was named for his Armenian-American mom’s favorite uncle, well, I should have seen that one coming. Fortunately, one can google Anglo-Saxon and English baby names, so Corwin he became and remains.

After developmental editing, and proofreading, and more proofreading, my friend Tracey read it. I didn’t realize that she has a MA in European History. (She’s too modest, really.)  Had I known about that degree, she would have read it much sooner.

The love of Philippe’s life began as Gwenhafar, then, when apprised that this is not a proper Welsh name, became Gwyneth. (Proper spelling Gwynedd, but that would drive all non-Welsh-speakers crazy. Or the non-Welsh-speakers would drive the Welsh speakers crazy, Upon further research, it turns out that Gwenhwyfar is indeed a proper Welsh name, and now, properly spelled, she has been reinstated. And it turns out that my made -up name Nimmah, is Arabic, So she is now Mirna.

And then there’s that little red-haired princess. Wow, has she gone through some changes. Initially, I named her Avara, thinking it a perfectly good made-up name. Alas, I never read Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover books, in which she made up the name Avarra for her princess. Damn. The child was Ilona for a good long time, until Tracey pointed out that Ilona is a Hungarian fairy princess, and this was not a name that a boy from Northumberland would have thought up. Back to the baby name google, and she is now the perfectly English (with Celtic variants) Alana.

Thank God for find/replace.

alanas booksmall


One thought on “Them Changes

  1. Terri –
    writers write. Authors write, research markets, promote, and work with cover designers, copy-editors, formatters and marketers.

    Like the song by Joe Ely says, “The road goes on forever and the party never ends.” But, there’s more: It doesn’t get easier for book two, or book three, or ever. You will soon be responsible for more than responding to a critique group… you’ll have readers who ask questions about their favorite characters, the pub date for your next book, etc.

    I love it! The best job I ever had. In a week, I’m the keynote at the Palm Beach Writers Club, speaking on ebook marketing, Seems that by becoming an Amazon Bestselling author, I’ve become an expert. And sadly, yes, I am.
    – DS Kane


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