Look Inside!

It’s here!

Amazon will now graciously allow you to read the first 6 pages of Murdoch’s Tale.

In the time of Richard Lionheart, during the bloody Border Wars between England and Scotland, Tovan, a faer (or “faery,” as we quetans call them) rescues the child Corwin from the massacre of his village.

Tormented by recurring nightmares of that day, Corwin struggles to answer Tovan’s question, “Why do you quetan do this?” His quest is perhaps a hopeless one: to end war, so that no child will ever again have to endure such trauma.

Studying with Philippe, a troubadour, he learns that stories can change the world. He begins to create his own tale, that of Murdoch, orphaned by war like himself, but a heroic figure, not the dreamer in a family of blacksmiths. This happy, creative time is not to last. Tragedy hurls him from the world of the quetan, into the realm of the Faer.

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