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Here’s what readers of Murdoch’s Tale are saying on Amazon. You can click here and use the Look Inside function to see what they are talking about.

I thoroughly enjoyed this well told tale March 16, 2018
I thoroughly enjoyed this well told tale! The layered story is rich in details and kept me up very late reading on more than one night. The historical details are well researched and the goal of the protagonist so very worthy. I’m excited that this is the first of a series. Will recommend to historical fantasy loving friends and look forward to the next book!
Unique storyline not just another version of the same old plot. March 8, 2018
I couldnt put this book down! The story line is so original and fascinating. Love the humour and the moral also. Cant wait for the next one!!!
History – Fantasy – Adventure – I enjoyed a great read. February 24, 2018
Murdoch”s Tale is a story within a story, as the title suggests: “Murdoch’s Tale, Book 1 of Corwin’s Chronicle.” Layered stories are a great device when handled well, and they certainly are in this book. So we start with the story of Corwin, an aspiring – and inspired – young apprentice who persuades an accomplished troubadour, Philippe from Albi, to help him learn the skills of an itinerant storyteller.
Corwin is searching for a way to change the war-ridden society that massacred his family and his whole village when he was a young child. Philippe teaches him that stories can change the world. As they meet with many adventures and as Corwin matures, he comes to believe that Philippe is right, and he begins to compose Murdoch’s tale. From that point on, we read of both the troubadours and the development of Murdoch’s tale.
I’ve touched just the surface of this beautifully written, deeply imagined story, rich with historical detail and exciting adventure. It’s a great read.Show Less


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