What Would You Like to Read About?

I’m neck deep in packing for the Maryland Faerie Festival this weekend, so I’m turning this post over to you. What would you like to read about? Medieval History? Faeries? Corwin-related fiction? First People? Other? Please comment!



One thought on “What Would You Like to Read About?

  1. Politics and fantasy, by DS Kane

    Turns out, there is an unfortunate correlation between sales of fiction on various topics and our changing political zeitgeist. And, while this might be obvious at times, it’s not so obvious most of the time.

    In quiet times, the relationship is pretty much void. But as real-life national tensions increase, there is an increasing spate of stories in fantasy (and thriller and sci-fi). As tensions maximize, fiction sales drop off, except for woman’s fiction, which is almost always the constant. Then, as political tensions finally subside, the process starts over.

    Are these changes noticeable? Statistically, yes, but not by much. I believe it all has to do with how the human brain functions. Our brains need some amount of tension in order t o function at peak performance. When real-world tensions are at a low point, we look for something to substitute and fiction books provide that tension. And when real-world tensions threaten to overwhelm us, we look for something light to read or watch.

    Rignt now, the real world is a mess. News stories leave us shaking our heads. Fiction can’t match it. Heavy sigh.


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