Alana’s Tale Now Available

I’m so Excited! Volume 2 of Corwin’s Chronicle, Alana’s Tale, is now live on Amazon!

Alana’s all grown up now, and engaged to Richard, the son of Lord Mallow. King Galaschin rules, and peace and prosperity abound.

But not for long. Her uncle, Prince Rolf, sends a generous birthday gift to his brother, the king, with a repentant note, pleading to be allowed to return.

Things get a bit more exciting after that, and the fellow who decides to come to her rescue is handsome, tall, strong, nobly-born–all the characteristics of a hero–except for the internal hard-wiring.

And we get to see the Faer, not as the surviving remnant we met in Murdoch’s Tale, but as they were in the Far Days when they were a people intact.

If you are in the neighborhood, we’ll be celebrating the release on Saturday, May 18 at Finding Avalon, 102 S Main St, Camden, DE.

And if you’re not, you can find both Alana’s Tale and Murdoch’s Tale on Amazon in both print and Kindle format. Just google T F Gray.

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