About That Vaira

We quetan tend to think that anything we are not aware of simply doesn’t exist, as if, for example, Saturn had no rings before Galileo took his first peek through a telescope. In my book, I describe the Faer as a mute, telepathic human species with a mode of perception that is expanded far beyond … More About That Vaira

The Faer

When Corwin encounters the Faer in Murdoch’s Tale, exactly who is he meeting? We have these notions of “faeries” as little gossamer-winged sprites or noble Tolkien elves, living like lords in the forest with no visible means of support, or perhaps the daioni sidhe, shining beings of light. I’ve noticed a tendency we have, and … More The Faer

Look Inside!

It’s here! Amazon will now graciously allow you to read the first 6 pages of Murdoch’s Tale. In the time of Richard Lionheart, during the bloody Border Wars between England and Scotland, Tovan, a faer (or “faery,” as we quetans call them) rescues the child Corwin from the massacre of his village. Tormented by recurring … More Look Inside!

Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Soap Opera Life in the 12th Century

“In days of old when knights were bold and ladies they were merry, One lady fair beyond compare was queen of two great countries. She went away on the bold Crusade a’camping in a tent. How many men she vanquished there would fill a regiment. Oh, Eleanor is a gay old lass, a lusty buxom … More Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Soap Opera Life in the 12th Century

Best Laid Plans…

Well, evidently, when one notifies Amazon that a book will be available for preorder (release date May 5) one cannot simply rely on the already-posted release date of the Kindle version. No, one must tell Amazon that this, too, must have the May 5 release date. My bad. Apologies to anyone who is a stickler … More Best Laid Plans…

Them Changes

Last I posted, I expressed amazement at the number of things one has to do after “Completing” a manuscript. Little did I know. Originally, my troubadour was named Clement, after my friend, professional storyteller Clem Bowen, and Corwin was named Aram, after Clem’s middle son. Um, Clement’s an English name. Oops. Fortunately, Alison Weir’s biography … More Them Changes