Author Interview

Tony Riches, British author of numerous novels about the Tudors and their contemporaries, has been kind enough to feature me on his blog, The Writing Desk. While you’re there, check out his many excellent historical novels, and remember, if you’re in Camden DE, I’ll be at Finding Avalon from 2 to 4 pm tomorrow, May … More Author Interview

Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Soap Opera Life in the 12th Century

“In days of old when knights were bold and ladies they were merry, One lady fair beyond compare was queen of two great countries. She went away on the bold Crusade a’camping in a tent. How many men she vanquished there would fill a regiment. Oh, Eleanor is a gay old lass, a lusty buxom … More Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Soap Opera Life in the 12th Century

Alnwick Castle

Built just thirty years after the Norman Conquest, Alnwick Castle tops a hill, now overlooking a peaceful pastoral landscape designed by Capability Brown. In Corwin’s time, the castle of the deVesci family stood as a bulwark of safety in a tumultuous land. Built to guard the English border against Scottish attack, the Scots took it … More Alnwick Castle


The most blood-soaked piece of earth in Britain. The English and the Scots argued over their common border longer than either nation has existed. In AD 122, the Roman emperor Hadrian noted that this 80-mile line in the sand required 10% of his border troops to maintain it against the marauding Scots and Picts. He … More Northumberland