The Lady of Alnwick

Oswy, Corwin, and Carl stood at the head of the line of villagers come to the castle to have their disputes judged.  They had scrubbed themselves in the washtub, worn their Sunday clothes and even combed their hair, but there was no mistaking their station in life, or Oswy’s trade.  … More The Lady of Alnwick

Alnwick Castle

Built just thirty years after the Norman Conquest, Alnwick Castle tops a hill, now overlooking a peaceful pastoral landscape designed by Capability Brown. In Corwin’s time, the castle of the deVesci family stood as a bulwark of safety in a tumultuous land. Built to guard the English border against Scottish attack, the Scots took it … More Alnwick Castle


The most blood-soaked piece of earth in Britain. The English and the Scots argued over their common border longer than either nation has existed. In AD 122, the Roman emperor Hadrian noted that this 80-mile line in the sand required 10% of his border troops to maintain it against the marauding Scots and Picts. He … More Northumberland


Murder your darlings. –Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch Sometimes you write a scene, or chapter, or half a goddamn book. and discover that, as much as you love it, it just doesn’t fit into the rest of the piece. That happened to me a few times. So I’m posting them here. Enjoy!