Teri Gray grew up in the Jersey ‘burbs, twenty miles from Times Square, in a town too small to have a traffic light, wandering the forest, fantasizing about people living in holes in the ground, long after the other kids her age had outgrown that sort of childish nonsense.

She came to writing like most everything else in her life. High school newspaper editor-in-chief followed by a degree in Art Ed, followed by a stint as editor of a small publication in Honolulu, in addition to a wide assortment of jobs ranging from restaurant hostess to bartender to field interviewer to school teacher to postmistress relief to banking to her personal favorite, Communications Director of the Newark Food Co-op.

Along the way, wedged between work, raising three children, and the occasional bout of illness, she wrote. Eventually, she found out about the existence of critique groups and started actually learning how to write. She’s not an example of the breakthrough novelist. If anything, she’s an example of the motto, Persistence Pays. The child who was a toddler when she started writing Corwin’s Chronicle is now pushing thirty.

She blogs about Corwin-related matters at and about gardening at

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